September 2, 2015

A little off the general healing topics I normally post. More Personal.

I just created a fundraising widget which is on the right side of this blog, but I thought I would add it in a post so that my newsletter subscribers could see our amazing story about the healing properties of the ocean.

Here is the short version of our experience:

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Our middle child Brady is 8 years old. He is autistic and besides some echoing, he is essentially non verbal. Based on a theory we had about the healing effects of the ocean we decided to take our family on a vacation with one thing in mind, we wanted to see if having our son near the ocean could help him. You see, Brady has always been drawn to water. I have often wondered if there was more to his draw to the water. My curiosity on this lead me to google “autism and the ocean”, and based on some of the things I found I was convinced we had to get Brady to the ocean. 

So, after a lot of thought we decided to take the plunge and plan our first family vacation ever to Hawaii.
We chose Maui despite how far away it was from our home in Minnesota because of the purity of the ocean around the Hawaiian islands. 
If you are reading this I am sure you are thinking “Why would you choose Hawaii, when there other places like California and Florida that are closer?!” Well, the reason we chose Hawaii over any other location has many reasons, but here are our top three. 

1. Hawaii is isolated from most of the world and for the most part the waters around Hawaii are clean, clear, and free from most pollution. Unfortunately many mainland oceans are much more polluted then the ocean water around Hawaii.  

2. The people of Maui county went up against Monsanto (and WON!) last year to keep GMO crops off the island, which limits the water supplies contamination from neurotoxic pesticides. 

3. The people and the culture. The people of Hawaii hold their values of family and love of the land and ocean above all else. They believe if you take care of the land and the ocean it will take care of you. 

We figured we were going on this trip in an attempt to free Brady’s mind from his toxic burden we needed to choose a pure, clean place. We had to be sure the location we chose would not compete with, or cancel out any benefits of that goal. 

My Hubby and I arranged to each get 3 weeks off from our jobs to allow enough time to see if the ocean could have a REAL healing effect on Brady. We were terrified of how Brady would handle such a long flight. The reaction we saw in Brady as a result of his 3 weeks on Maui was extraordinary! 

He said so many words, CLEAR as day, that he never said before. Beach, Ocean, Moon, Turtle, .and many more. Hubby and I were shocked when he pointed at the rising moon and said “moon”! In our short time on Maui we found we were constantly nudging each other and saying “DID YOU HEAR WHAT BRADY JUST SAID”!? He also showed preferences for things. Like one morning we asked if he wanted waffles, normally he would respond with only one word. Either “Yes” or “No” But this time he said “No, pancakes”. WOW, both our jaws dropped to the floor!!  

My theory for why Brady seemed so alert and clear minded may be due to him being in the ocean everyday. The ocean is full of minerals that are absorbed through our skin. One of the major minerals in the ocean is magnesium. Magnesium has been shown to reduce the toxins in the bodies of autistic kids, and anyone else for that matter. That is why they recommend Epsom salt baths for autistic kids. For more info on the effects of magnesium, Google “magnesium detox autism” Many times autistic kids do not get the magnesium they need because many of them are plagued by a “leaky gut”. That is a topic for another post but for now lets just establish that many autistic kids can not absorb the magnesium they need from their diets, so most of them are deficient in many vitamins and minerals. BUT when Brady was in the ocean for an hour or two per day the magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals, were absorbed through his largest organ…his SKIN! I think the effects of the ocean, essentially the magnesium and other minerals helped to clear his mind while we were there. Unfortunately since we have been home he has seemed to be retreating a little. He is wanting to spend more time alone in his room again, and that bums me out. We try to keep him present in our world, but somedays it is a constant struggle. It feels like he was emerging from a really long dark tunnel only to get sucked back in.

Because of Brady’s incredible response, and the progress he made while we on vacation, we would like to take Brady back to Maui permanently so he has the chance to make even greater recovery from autism. We desperately want our son to have the chance to have a normal life. We are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to make this happen. BUT, we need to do this the responsible way. Before we just give up the safety and security of our current home and our job security, and for the sake of our other two children, we would first like to take a “leave of absence” from our jobs and take Brady back to Maui for a 6 month trial. If all goes well and he makes more progress towards recovery after the 6 month trial we will sell our home in MN and make the move to Maui permanent.  We have a nice home and good jobs in MN, but if Maui could change Brady’s life…and as a result, change all of our lives for the better we would give it all up in a heartbeat!

To make this 6 month trial a reality need your help! Originally I really did not want to just ask for funds. I wanted people to get something in return for helping us so I created a digital scrapbooking kit called “Hope For Brady”. 

Unfortunately I am not sure how to get the word out. I don’t know how to reach people who will help share our story. I would MUCH rather “earn” your donation by giving you something in return. If you would like to read more about the scrapbooking kit I made for you so I could “Earn” your donation please  go to this link: CLICK HERE  

We need your help…please share this with everyone you know…if everyone who saw this video would donate $3 to $5, and then SHARE our story on all their social media sites would could have Brady back at the beach in no time! Every little bit will help get Brady back to the ocean that had such a healing effect on him!  

Thank you for giving us back our HOPE for a functional independent future for our son!

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