April 10, 2015

About the 4 Hope Health and Happiness Logo

I started blogging in 2008 after the death of my mother. She died of breast cancer on February 20th, 2008. She was only 53. 🙁 My mom was a wonderful artist and despite being her daughter, I never felt like I had an artistic bone in my body. But when she died at such a young age, I was not ready to let her go yet. Are we ever really ready to let go of someone we love? Well anyway…I decided I needed a way to keep connected to her and to honor her memory in some way…so I decided to learn to digi scrap. Digital Scrapbooking was a way for me to combine a love for tech with a need to be creative in some way.

I always said I wish I would have learned about the digi scrapping world before she passed. She would have been so good at it! We could have been partners! Her doing the drawing and me turning her drawings into digital art! So born from my desire to honor my mom was “4 My Babies Scraps”. I decided on the name for my creative blog for 2 reasons, first I thought maybe one day if I got good enough…I could earn a little fun money that would allow me to stay home more with my kiddos. If I could earn a little doing digi scrapping, I could maybe cut a shift or two at work. Second, I have 4 children. So the “4” was because in a way the blog was for them (and therapy for me) and because I had four of them. Two boys and two girls.  🙂

Then in March of 2009 my oldest son Brady at the age of 2 and 1/2 was diagnosed with autism. Again my blogging became my therapy. Since Brady is mostly non-verbal I had the idea of creating a kit for autism to earn money to get Brady an iPad and the communication program Proloquo2go. When my scrapping friends learned of my plan…everyone reached out to help! To see more about that CLICK HERE.

Here is the kit I made for Brady:


If you want to check it out you can click on the image to get it at my scrapping store.

Any hoo…Eventually I stated a separate blog called “Hope 4 Brady” again using the “4” from the original blog. Over the years I was scrapping less and researching more on how I could help my son recover from his autism. I never wanted to give up hope that he could overcome some of his symptoms. Talking…that is a big one…if he could overcome that hurdle, maybe he could lead a more independent life one day. Don’t get me wrong…we love him no matter what, but being able to communicate is huge. If someone can’t communicate, life can be so difficult, and we want to help him not have to struggle. So because of all my research into autism causes and treatments the Hope 4 Brady blog and my original scrapping blog were neglected.

Then in the summer of 2014 I decided to start back to school. I was already a practicing RN, with a good job at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. But, I decided since I was spending so much time researching things that could help Brady (and help my entire family as it turns out) I figured I mine as well learn “the right stuff” from a college program instead of relying on information on the internet. So, I enrolled in a Complementary Alternative Medicine program! If you would like information on the program I am enrolled in CLICK HERE!

Now I have dedicated to most of my spare time to studying for my CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) degree and sharing what I learn with you…so YOU may also help YOUR family! Once I complete the degree, in addition to being an Registered Nurse, I will also be able to work as an “official” Wellness Coach, and could also become a Registered Aromatherapist! Could I have shared my research without the additional degree?? Yes, but I wanted to make sure I would be sharing the most up to date, and SAFE advise as I could. I felt if I was going to share…I better KNOW what I am talking about…Right? 🙂

So LONG story short the “4” in “4 Hope Health n Happiness” is a carry over from the original blogs. The “Hope” of course comes from  “Hope 4 Brady” and my desire to offer other families HOPE, and Health and Happiness are what we all want out of life. The symbols in my logo were a result of much thought. I wanted a “visual” of the purpose of this blog. The hand with 4 fingers for the 4. The anchor is less obvious, but it is a symbol of HOPE. It symbolizes being able to hold you in place and give you the strength to hold on, no matter how rough the waters get. The caduceus has been a symbol for medicine since ancient times. The smily face is a great symbol of happiness! With my digital scrapping knowledge…I was able to design what I think is the perfect visual for what this blog is all about! I hope you benifit from the information I will be sharing with you in the future!

I was going to have my original header have some of the autism art I designed, but I want this blog to benefit EVERYONE, and I do not want people to move on because they think this is just a blog about autism. The information I will be sharing can help anyone and everyone.

So, I decided to skip the autism art since first impressions are everything. But, I had to keep my Hope 4 Brady blog “signature” with the puzzle pieces for Brady, because without him and his diagnosis I would not have been put on the path to better health for my entire family. Without him, we would still be in the dark about all the toxins in our world. We would still be eating processed food, fast food, and using store bought cleaning, and beauty products. Of course anyone who is affected by, or knows someone affected by autism will know why I chose the color scheme for this blog. 😉

Welcome to my WELLNESS blog!


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